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Handling Modifications of Prior Orders & Post-Divorce Modifications

While the conclusion of any divorce or family law case may prompt a sigh of relief that the process is finally over, it is sometimes necessary to go back and revisit a child custody determination, child support order, or other family law determinations.

Life is always changing – it is just part of the human condition. In the ebb and flow of life can come divorce, job loss, relocation, new relationships, financial hardship, and other types of change. Fortunately, the law does allow for some wiggle room when it comes to post-divorce modifications. Whether your children’s needs have changed, your job situation has changed, or your location has changed, our Austin modification attorney can help you through the process of modifying a post-divorce order and ensure your rights continue to be protected.

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Do you need to modify a post-divorce order? Has a life event caused a change in your child’s needs or your ability to uphold a divorce decree? Call our Austin modification lawyer at 512.213.6779 to learn how we can help.

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