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5 tips for going through a divorce

Navigating the complexities of a divorce can be a challenging journey. It affects just about every aspect of your life. Taking the time to plan for what’s coming is critical in these cases.

It’s crucial to approach this process strategically, especially regarding legal and financial matters. Consider these five areas to get started.

1: Use caution on social media

Social media platforms are a part of daily life, but they can become a double-edged sword during a divorce. Remember anything posted online can potentially be used in court proceedings. Emotional outbursts, photos or comments can be misconstrued and negatively impact the case. It’s often a good idea to take a step back from social media or only post things you don’t mind being shared in open court.

2: Set your budget

A divorce leads to a financial restructuring of your life. It’s vital to establish a clear budget early on. This budget should account for all your bills as you build your new life. This includes rent or mortgage, vehicle payments, utilities, insurance and food. Creating a budget requires a realistic assessment of current and future financial situations.

3: Consider asset division

Understanding each asset’s value is critical when dividing assets. Some assets might have significant sentimental value, while others are essential for daily living. The goal should be a fair distribution that respects both parties’ needs and contributions. It’s never a good idea to let emotions guide the asset division process. Instead, think logically about how each asset will impact your future.

4: Plan for debts

Just as assets are divided, so are debts. This includes all shared debts, including mortgages, car loans and credit card debts. Deciding who is responsible for what debt can be a contentious issue, so approaching it fairly and practically is essential. Sometimes, selling certain assets to clear debts might be necessary to ensure both parties start their new lives on a more stable financial footing.

5: Update personal affairs

You need to update estate plans, wills and life insurance policies. Often, spouses are named in these documents during marriage, so this is a great chance to make changes to reflect your new life circumstances. It’s also an opportunity to reassess beneficiaries and ensure that your estate planning aligns with your current wishes and needs.

Protecting your interests during the divorce can help you to start your new life in the most stable circumstances possible. Working with someone who can help you determine what options you have is valuable.