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Why Do I Need an Austin Divorce Attorney?

Let Benouis Law Handle Your Complex Legal Issues

Divorce can be a long and complicated process, especially when there are issues that can prolong legal battles. Emotional and financial matters often complicate the divorce process, and larger families can have a harder time deciding on important issues regarding child custody and visitation matters.

At Benouis Law, we help:

  • Couples with a high net worth
  • Spouses who own multiple properties
  • Couples with young children
  • Blended families
  • Business owners

Even if you think your case is simple, problems can arise. When you are contemplating a divorce, schedule a consultation today.

Acting as a Neutral Third Party

Our Austin divorce attorney works as a neutral mediating party. This means that a lawyer from Benouis Law works on your behalf and helps you overcome the emotional issues that usually delay or stall the process altogether. This can help you get through your divorce faster, saving you and your family time, money, and stress. When you and your spouse cannot agree and when emotional issues get in the way, it is important that you seek legal representation to assist you throughout the entire process.

A Collaborative Approach to Your Matter

Even when you and your spouse can agree, a divorce lawyer can help keep you out of court. This encourages spouses to settle their issues and come to an agreement faster and gets you and your family back to living your everyday life. Collaborative divorce can be a worthwhile alternative to traditional divorces and our Board Certified attorney is well-versed in the laws.

Whether or not your spouse has hired an attorney, and no matter if you both can or cannot agree on important issues, having a dedicated Austin divorce attorney on your side is in your best interest. Contact Benouis Law at (512) 213-6779 to discuss your situation.


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