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When Is Collaborative Divorce the Best Choice?

When divorce happens, it can a take a toll on your life both emotionally and financially. Some divorces end on bad terms, while others end more positively and constructively for both parties. Collaborative divorce is one that involves working together with a team of professionals as well as your spouse to decide on terms that both of you can agree on.

While this is sometimes not possible for those going through a divorce battle, others would rather choose this option to avoid conflict and settle disputes collaboratively. Businesses can be a tricky asset to agree on during a divorce, but going through a collaborative divorce could help protect the business for the spouse who owns it.

Benefits for Business Owners

When you enter a collaborative divorce, you and the other party both agree to have fair interactions and negotiations. It can be helpful for business owners to enter into this type of agreement if they and their partner both decide that the business will go directly to the business owner.

Even if you both don’t agree at first, in this sort of agreement, you can argue for the business without feeling trapped in a corner and being forced to hand over business assets. Everything is transparent, so business owners can bring supporting documents and additional resources to help base decisions on. This sort of divorce encourages understanding and listening, so if you genuinely feel like the business should be yours, you should communicate that to your spouse and team of middle-men.

How it Helps Children During a Divorce

Children are one of the most affected by a divorce. They can sense strain and conflict between their parents, even if they aren’t necessarily hearing their parents argue in person.

If you are going through a divorce and have children with your spouse, a collaborative divorce may be one to consider. It takes much of the anger and harsh feelings out of the equation for the two of you while also making the process easier for them to handle.

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