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Family law matters can become of the most contentious and stressful issues you will have to face in court. Taking a private matter in front of a judge is never easy, and the issues are compounded when you own property, have children, have a high net worth, or own your own business.

At Benouis Law, we keep your best interests in mind, no matter what your case. Our clients are educated, successful, professionals who come to our firm seeking advice and representation for a variety of legal issues. Contact our Austin family lawyers today to discuss your matter.

Cases We Handle

Our Austin family attorneys have 25 years of experience providing clients throughout Texas with the dedicated legal support that they need during some of the most difficult or joyful times in their lives. The attorneys at Benouis Law make sure that you are always taken care of and that your case is handled in a timely and professional manner.

This includes matters related to:

Assertive Strategic Representation with Integrity

Benouis Law is dedicated to our clients. From handling unique areas of law to guiding you through a traditional divorce, seeking professional legal help can help ensure that your assets, your children, and your future is well protected.

Facing a life-changing event on your own is never recommended, and the addition of complex issues only makes things harder. Family law is a large legal area, and seeking advice and representation is in your best interest.

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