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Understanding The Litigated Divorce Process

Unless a party opts out of litigation into the collaborative divorce process, a divorce case or custody modification case is by default litigated.

People going through a divorce or custody dispute sometimes do not realize they are in fact in a law suit.

Catherine Benouis has over 30 years of experience appearing before judges and juries in Central Texas. It is important to have an attorney who has the judgment and experience to discern if your case needs a decision from a judge, which is often the case.

Within cases that are in the litigation process, over 90 percent of those cases result in an agreed settlement without anyone going to court to have a hearing or a trial. However, the success of negotiating an agreement is derived from having an attorney with the judgment and experience to discern what is a likely outcome if the issues were presented to a court.

At Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, our philosophy in dealing with litigated divorces, which is most divorce and custody cases, is to approach the assessment of what to do with a strategic and long view perspective. Catherine Benouis has the knowledge, insight and experience to discern what issues and cases truly need to be presented to a judge.

The idea of going to court, testifying as a witness, pulling in people from their support system to testify is usually a scary proposition. People want to avoid it. Catherine Benouis has learned how to prepare people for the possibility of going to court in such a way that by the time we get there, people are fairly comfortable and know what they are doing as a witness.

Our philosophy is also similar to that of a doctor. Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, is not a firm that considers going to court as the first thing to do in a case. We operate by doing the least invasive action and if those methods do not work, there is a progression to ending up in a court hearing before a judge.

Catherine Benouis has 30 years of experience practicing law in front of numerous judges in Travis County, Hays County, Williamson County Texas and the surrounding counties. Judges are people too and having a lawyer who has the rapport and judgment about what to present to a court is important to the outcome in your case.

Catherine and her team will prepare you to go to court with confidence if that is the right choice. You will know why a hearing or trial is necessary and you will be prepared to effectively testify. It is important to know your goals at Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, and often going to court is an essential part of seeking best outcomes for yourself, your children and your family.

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If you are considering a litigated divorce, the team at Benouis Law, can answer your questions and help you choose the right path. Catherine Benouis has practiced law in Austin for 30 years and has a deep understanding of how divorce affects families. She is a Master Credentialed Collaborative Divorce attorney credentialed through Collaborative Divorce Texas. Contact her at 512-764-3932 or via email.