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Austin LGBTQ+ Divorce Attorney

While same-sex couples are afforded the same rights under Texas law as any other divorcing couples, they can still face some unique challenges during the divorce process. If you are considering divorce, put your trust in Benouis Law. For 30 years, attorney Catherine Benouis has worked with clients throughout Texas. You can expect compassionate, solution-oriented representation.

Navigating These Difficult Choices Together

Benouis Law advocates for any person who is divorcing to best protect their interests and their children’s interests. Ms. Benouis builds relationships with her clients, tries to understand your concerns, and address them head-on. Members of the LGBTQ community face unique challenges when it comes to the legal system. For example, what if you were together before same-sex marriage became permissible in 2015? In these situations, how you divide your assets could be affected. Ms. Benouis can help you understand your options and find answers.

Ms. Benouis can help you through all aspects of your divorce. From dividing your assets to determining child custody arrangements, she can find solutions to the most complex situations. When it comes to children, parenting agreements come in all shapes and sizes. Whether one partner is the biological parent or both parties adopted, Ms. Benouis can help you develop a custody plan that works for your family.

Discuss Your Divorce Options Today

When it comes to divorce, many decisions must be made. Don’t wait any longer feeling overwhelmed. Call 512-764-3932 today to schedule a consultation. With an office in Austin, Ms. Benouis works with clients throughout Travis County and Williamson County.