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The Importance Of The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation I have with my potential clients is one of the, if not the, most important meeting we will have in your case. People sometimes ask if I provide a free consultation. I don’t and I think if I did it would be a disservice to people who become my clients.

The reason it is such an important meeting is that we discuss the background of the situation that led a person to want to meet with a divorce and family law attorney. I really take the time to discuss the entire situation. I also educate people about the divorce or other litigation process. Most of the time people leave feeling a sense of relief and direction during a very chaotic and difficult time in life. They are worried about their children and the financial future and the initial meeting is a time to talk through big picture goals and concerns. Together with my potential client’s input we make a plan and start to look at how to implement that plan.

I tell people that we will meet during that initial consultation as long as is necessary for the consultation to be complete. For most people, that is an hour and a half, maybe two hours. This meeting is important because it is the foundation of our working relationship. I feel like I know something about where my client is coming from, who they are, what their concerns and fears are and it helps me form a plan and strategy to best help them. From the feedback I receive from these meetings, clients feel heard, understood and leave with a sense that they can get through this difficult time and have a team to support them through that.

The people I meet with also know that they will be able to get ahold of me, I will know who they are and what is going on with their law suit. I think that provides a sense of ease and ability to see a future for themselves and their family beyond the divorce or custody suit. I learned over time that as sad as divorce sounds, people do not come to a divorce attorney unless they see the possibility of a better life on the other side of a divorce. I assure people that they can get through this and we will help get them through it.

This is why potential clients of Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, pay for their initial consultation. It is why I invest myself personally in the success of the beginning of my client’s lawsuit.

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