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Helping You Modify Or Enforce Prior Orders

While the conclusion of any divorce or family law case may prompt a sigh of relief that the process is finally over, it is sometimes necessary to go back and revisit a child custody determination, a child support order or other family law determinations.

Life is always changing – it is just part of the human condition. In the ebb and flow of life can come divorce, job loss, relocation, new relationships, financial hardship and other types of change. Fortunately, the law does allow for post-divorce modifications.

Whether significant circumstances have changed your life, or you need assistance enforcing the terms of your agreement, attorney Catherine Benouis can guide you through the legal processes required to address your post-judgment issue. She has helped countless parents resolve situations just like yours.

Understanding Modifications

In Texas, parents may petition to have their child support order modified to address unforeseen and substantial changes in circumstances. These changes include:

  • A noncustodial parent’s increase or decrease in income
  • A change in a dependent’s medical coverage
  • A noncustodial parent’s new legal obligations to additional children

For child custody orders when parents do not see eye to eye on custody modifications, they need to establish that this change is necessary and petition for court intervention. The court may approve of custody modifications when:

  • The child is old enough (age 12) to express the child’s preference for who they live with
  • A parent requests to move due to a job relocation
  • A parent suffers a job loss
  • Medical conditions limit the parent’s ability to care for the child
  • A life-threatening situation, including substance abuse or physical abuse, threatens the child’s welfare

This list is not exhaustive. If you believe that your circumstances warrant child support or custody modification, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Benouis. She will help you identify the most expedient way to resolve your issue.

Having handled countless modification cases, Ms. Benouis knows how to build a strong case to request or challenge a modification.

Do You Need Help Enforcing The Terms Of Your Custody Or Support Order?

When it comes to your child’s well-being, ensuring the enforcement of custody orders is paramount, and parents who violate custody or child support orders can be penalized by the court for violating the terms of court orders. At Benouis Law, our team understands the challenges that may arise in the enforcement process and is here to provide experienced guidance. Enforcing visitation orders in Texas involves a specific legal process and we navigate the legal system to seek remedies that prioritize your child’s best interests and uphold your parental rights.

As a board-certified family law specialist, Ms. Benouis knows how to navigate the enforcement process so that your rights and your children’s rights are protected over the long term. With over 30 years of combined experience, she understands the complexities associated with child custody matters, and our professional team is dedicated to navigating these issues with experience and efficiency.

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