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Gestational/Donor Agreements: Helping Families Grow

In the state of Texas, married couples are able to enter into a gestational agreement with a surrogate mother, as long as certain rules are properly followed and the gestational mother is not genetically linked to the child and does not contribute her own egg to the embryo.

These laws are extremely beneficial to couples who want to have a child but are unable to give birth. At Benouis Law, Austin family law attorney Catherine Benouis is able to assist clients as they go through this legal procedure and help ensure that they have a legally sound gestational or donor agreement that is recognized by the court.

A gestational or donor agreement must be in written form, be signed and indicate the following:

  • The gestational mother agrees to pregnancy through assisted reproduction.
  • The gestational mother, her partner (if she is married) and the donors (if separate from the future parents) relinquish their parental rights and duties to the future parents.
  • The gestational mother and the future parents agree to exchange all relevant information regarding the health of the gestational mother and parents throughout the period covered by the agreement.

Helping You Navigate The Legal Process

Ms. Benouis’ goals are to make sure that your agreement is solid and legally enforceable, and that the intended parents end up being recognized as the legal parents of the newborn under Texas law.

With more than 30 years of experience in family law, Ms. Benouis, has the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to guide you through the process smoothly, answer any questions that you may have along the way, protect your rights and effectively work toward the outcome you need.

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