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The Unexpected Consequence of COVID-19: Rising Divorce Rates

Marriages can potentially face negative consequences due to more people opting to stay home in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Couples who are quarantined together may need to worry about divorce or separation.

Since it is highly recommended to practice social-distancing, couples have had to spend more time together. While this is an excellent opportunity to grow closer with someone, it can have the opposite effect. In fact, divorce rates have been on the rise in China, which currently has the highest number of coronavirus cases.

Keep reading to find out how coronavirus is affecting marriages.

How Coronavirus Can Lead to Divorce

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has already been an increase in divorce rates. The city of Xi’an in China has seen a rise in divorce requests since the outbreak of the virus. Some government offices have even maxed out the number of available appointments.

This increase could be due to several reasons:

Spending Too Much Time Together

With married couples stuck at home and forced to spend prolonged time together, some couples may begin to fight, which could potentially lead to divorce. There are no outside obligations to break up their time. Spending time together is good for a relationship, but too much time can end up having the opposite effect. It’s natural for people to get annoyed or frustrated with each other when they spend every moment together in a confined space.

Natural Disasters Can Increase the Chance of Divorce

Spending more time together, along with increased concerns about the virus, can heighten tensions between couples. Research has shown that natural disasters can put relationships under stress. This means it could potentially make the marriage weaker and more prone to divorce.

Not Leaving the House

Because it is recommended to stay at home and practice self-isolation, couples who want to get a divorce may not be actively leaving their home. Therefore, they are not going to court or speaking to a divorce attorney. If more couples are waiting to start the divorce process for fear of contracting and spreading coronavirus, there could be an increase in divorce cases in the long run.

Solving the Issue

All of these factors can play a role in why the divorce rate has spiked in China, especially for marriages that are not already on solid ground. Coronavirus just adds more stress to the relationship. It is highly likely the same pattern will show up in the United States. However, it is still too soon to understand how exactly coronavirus will affect the divorce rate.

With that being said, there are things couples can do to take precautionary measures:

Try to Find Alone Time

It’s good to have a balance of time together and time apart. If couples are concerned about spending too much time together, they should designate the time that they will spend alone.

If possible, both couples should select areas in their home where they can spend time alone. When they are in their designated area, they should each leave each other alone for a few hours each day. Finding that balance of personal time and time spent together can help keep couples sane while they are quarantined.

Contact an Attorney

It is possible to seek a divorce while being self-isolated. An Austin divorce attorney can help you sort through your options for divorce during this crisis. At Benouis Law, we want to help those needing help with divorce. We are dedicated to serving the residents of Austin with their family law needs and protecting their best interests.

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