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The Effect of Divorce on Children

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Divorce |

There is no denying that divorce takes a toll on families- especially children. Although they are often very resilient, there are common ways that children are affected when their parents choose to end a marriage. Parents may notice behavior changes that can affect school performance and relationships at home.

Reverting Behaviors

Bedwetting, clinginess, and the loss of previously mastered skills is one effect of divorce in some situations. Children exhibiting these behaviors may feel that if they go back to the “baby” actions that were a part of their past, their life at home might go back to the way it used to be before the divorce.

It is essential in these cases to remind the child that they are growing up and that they should be proud of accomplishing milestones. Giving extra hugs and using positive reinforcement may be the best way to help a child struggling with these issues during a divorce.

Poor Performance in School

In some cases, grades may drop as a child adjusts to the changes that come with a divorce. They may be dealing with two different parenting styles, new rules in a new home, or lack of support with homework as parents adjust to their situations. Getting used to that while maintaining excellent grades can be challenging.

One way to help a child navigate school during a divorce is to make sure things stay as consistent as possible. This may mean they remain in the same school and see two parents on the same page as far as expectations for homework and grades. Talking to your child’s teacher about the situation may help smooth a transition or provide some understanding if they are struggling to focus.

Happy Parent, Happy Child

Not all effects of divorce are negative. When parents are happier apart, their children are likely to be happier in the long run. Suffering through an unhappy marriage is not a positive model for how a relationship should be. Being caring and supportive during a difficult time is key to parenting during a divorce.

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