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Do you need a specific reason to get divorced?

Personally, you likely have plenty of reasons to consider divorce. Maybe you’re just not happy, you’ve fallen out of love or you feel like you and your spouse just resent each other and need a change. 

But is “falling out of love” as valid a reason to seek a divorce as something like, “My spouse had an affair,” or “My spouse is an addict.” Do you need a specific, concrete reason to get a divorce? Does your reason even matter?

Texas has no-fault divorce, as do other states

The reason for a divorce used to matter greatly, in a historical sense, but modern Texas divorce laws allow for no-fault divorce. All 50 states have some form of no-fault divorce law in place, so no one has to look for a reason to end a marriage. Texas is no different. 

This means you do not have to cast blame on one another, and so you don’t need a reason to end the marriage. You can merely claim that you and your spouse have your differences and want to dissolve the relationship.

That said, in a minority of states (17 out of 50), a no-fault divorce is the only option. Texas does still permit a fault-based divorce if you want, but you are not obligated to go that route. In your case, per the example above, this means you won’t need to. However, some people still want to declare fault, and they are not barred from doing so. 

Getting the process started

The divorce process can be complex, even with these modern laws, so make sure you are aware of the legal steps needed to get the process started