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3 parts of litigating a divorce in Texas

For any divorce in Texas, there are many steps you’ll need to go through. Initially, you will need to decide on the grounds for your divorce. Then, you will start the divorce by filing your petition to divorce in court. After temporary orders are established, such as temporary custody orders, you begin to get into the nitty-gritty of your divorce.

If you will be litigating your case rather than going through the collaborative process, there are several steps that come next as you prepare for divorce court. These include:

  • Discovery of evidence
  • Working on a divorce settlement
  • Your divorce trial

To start with, there is a discovery of evidence. This is when you will start filling out forms, gathering documentation and taking a detailed inventory of your debts and assets. You may need to get appraisals and loan information as well as other financial documents.

During discovery, you can ask your spouse for this information as well. Your attorney may also request admissions, oral depositions and other documents.

Can you settle outside of court?

You can settle outside of court. Settlement negotiations begin after discovery but before you actually appear in court. Your attorney will help by negotiating with the other party. You will make offers and counteroffers.

If you can come to a successful settlement, you could save money and time. If not, you will go on to court.

Preparing for your divorce trial

Finally, you will prepare for trial in family court. Everything you’ve done up to this point was to build a strong case for yourself. While you’ll likely aim to settle, you can also take the case to court and ask a judge to make the final decision on how you divide your assets, time with your children and more. Learn more about what to expect if you litigate your divorce.