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Is initiating a gray divorce the right move for you?

Ending a marriage is never straightforward or completely painless. Wrapping up a life together that may have endured many crises and celebrations, plus milestones such as the birth of children, switching jobs, moving from one home to another and scores of other upheavals, can be complex.

Deciding to live life solo in your fifties or sixties or maybe even older is a significant life change. Parting from your spouse has been on your mind more and more lately,  but you are not sure if you want to move forward with it. Taking some time to mull over a few matters may help you clarify what you want.

Facing a gray divorce might make you apprehensive. On the other hand, you might be surprisingly energized by the prospect of changing things up at this point.

Is it best for you and your spouse to call it a day?

Assessing the state of your marriage, particularly if it has deteriorated markedly, can be unpleasant. However, confronting everything squarely and honestly may be the most beneficial road for you to take.

  • If you share interests and still enjoy each other’s company, there could be hope for improving things. However, if the two of you have little meaningful interaction or fun anymore, that’s a telltale indication that your marriage may have reached its final stage.
  • How do you feel when you picture yourself on your own? Excited or downcast? Rejuvenated or fearful?
  • Are you an independent, go-with-the-flow type of person who is good at adapting to new circumstances and situations?
  • Is your spouse someone that you can – or can’t – live without?

If you feel it is time to divorce, seek legal help to understand more.