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For many families, divorce can be among the most emotional and overwhelming decisions they ever face. Whether the divorce was unforeseen or mutually agreed upon, ending a marriage often comes with serious repercussions that can have long-term ripple effects on every member of the family. Due to the sensitive nature of these types of cases, it will be beneficial to speak with an experienced and qualified Austin family lawyer who can guide your steps knowledgeably.

As you stand on the banks of the most troubled waters you have ever faced, you can have the opportunity to step forward with confidence. Your case and your rights should be treated with the utmost integrity. Working with Benouis Law means you will be in good hands.

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"Catherine and her team were extremely helpful to us."

“Catherine acquired our case in 2022 and we were with her for about a year. She is kind and compassionate, listens without judgement and offered practical and professional solutions at every turn. Her decades of experience with the family law system were evident as she worked our case. She is not combative or emotionally reactive; but assertive and highly professional in her communications with other parties. She offered wonderful guidance for every question that we had during our tumultuous process. She came highly recommended and we are so grateful we were able to have such great representation. Catherine and her team were extremely helpful to us.”
– Jeremiah Bridges

"Highly recommend"

“Cannot say enough about Catherine and her team. I felt very comfortable with her on my side. She is highly knowledgeable, diligent, personally caring, direct, competent, trustworthy, and calm in any situation. Highly recommend.”
– Hilda

"Compassionate, dedicated, and present"

“Catherine Benouis is not only incredibly aware of all of the nuances and details of family law, she is also compassionate, dedicated, and present. She is a wonderful lawyer. She handled my divorce with grace and care, and later handled a difficult custody battle with determination, dedication, and an attention to detail that eventually won the case. I am eternally grateful to Catherine for her dedication to me and my family.”
– Erica P

"Very compassionate and thoughtful"

“Catherine is truly special. On top of being a professional in her line of work, she’s also a very compassionate and thoughtful person. She worked with me to carefully understand my (fairly complex) situation and goals. She helped me find the right balance and perspective to make sure we landed on the best long-term outcome. Thank you again.”

– Srdjan Marijanovic

"I would strongly recommend this law firm."

“I retained Ms. Benouis as my attorney during a collaborative divorce process. It was clear that she was very experienced and understood the process well. As importantly, she was extremely patient with my questions as well as attentive to my needs and requests. She made herself consistently available and was very responsive. I would strongly recommend this law firm.”
– Edward S

"I highly recommend Catherine’s services."

“I am fully satisfied with Catherine’s services. As my attorney, she has demonstrated her exceptional legal skills in all matters related to my divorce, including the time with my children. I have come to trust Catherine’s advice and am convinced that she is one of the best family attorneys in the area. I highly recommend Catherine’s services.”
– Anonymous

"Gave me great advice"

“Catherine represented me in what was the most difficult time of my life. She represented my interests fairly, gave me great advice, and cautioned me from spending more in legal fees when she felt I wouldn’t get the results I was looking for. Divorce is a journey that you never think you will be on, but when you get there, you’ll be glad you have someone you can trust. My case involved mediation and a court appearance, a modification to fine tune some things a couple of years later, and I’ve consulted with her a number of times since then. Although the cost of legal representation is not insignificant, the payoff is measurable in negotiating a good settlement, and the peace of mind that comes from getting through it and moving on with life.”
– Jason B

"I recommend this law firm unequivocally"

“I recommend this law firm unequivocally, without hesitation! More than competent, extremely personable and reasonable in price, everyone from Catherine to her office manager and paralegal were their for me. Catherine fought for my financial well-being and was incredibly supportive emotionally for me. I had no clue how to navigate a divorce and this firm was my port in the storm of divorce, guiding and helping me through every step and wave.”
– Joanie Mercer

Using Expert Legal Knowledge And Personal Experience To Resolve Your Case

Attorney Catherine Benouis is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in family law, making her a recognized legal expert in the area of family law. Catherine Benouis uses her own personal experience to interact with you, treat your family with genuine compassion, and demonstrate a real understanding of the challenges you face.

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Catherine Benouis

Catherine Benouis
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