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Kojo Adu-Nyako

Kojo Adu-Nyako

Kojo Adu-Nyako, Paralegal

Meet Kojo Adu-Nyako, a dedicated and insightful paralegal at Benouis Law Ltd., LLP. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Kojo is happy to call Austin home. With a career that spans across legal nonprofits, personal injury, and his favorite area, family law, Kojo is dedicated to making a real difference in people’s lives.

Kojo’s passion for making a difference extends beyond his day job. He strongly supports organizations like the Bail Project, emphasizing his commitment to justice and fairness. He managed to complete his bachelor’s degree in just two years—a testament to his determination, tenacity, and work ethic.

Kojo cherishes spending time in Accra, Ghana, visiting family and connecting with his roots. With aspirations to live abroad and immerse himself in different cultures, Kojo is always eager to learn and explore. Kojo is an avid soccer fan who enjoys national matchups. He loves discovering new restaurants, going to Austin’s parks, playing soccer, and cooking. His signature dish is ribeye steak.

If Kojo could go back in time, he’d encourage his younger self to keep proving doubters wrong and to chase after his dreams, no matter the odds. This ethos not only defines Kojo’s personal journey but also underscores his professional commitment to advocacy, community engagement, and effecting meaningful change through the legal system. At Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, Kojo is not just any Paralegal—he’s a passionate advocate and a valuable member of our team, dedicated to making a lasting impact one case at a time.