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Protecting Your Child’s Future: Austin Child Support Enforcement

Ensuring your child’s financial stability is a top priority. When child support obligations go unmet, legal action might be necessary. At Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, our Austin-based team understands the complexities of child support enforcement and is here to empower you through this process.

Proven Experience, Compassionate Support

With over 30 years of combined experience in family law, our team offers deep understanding and genuine empathy. We know the challenges you face and provide personalized, professional guidance throughout your child support case.

Texas Child Support Guidelines: Ensuring Fairness

Texas law establishes child support guidelines to ensure consistency and fairness. Key statutes include:

  • Texas Family Code § 154.001: This section outlines the income-based formula for calculating child support, considering both parents’ incomes and the number of children.
  • Texas Family Code § 154.125: This section details factors like child care costs, special needs and health insurance that can influence the final support amount.
  • Texas Family Code § 154.130 & 154.131: These sections address child support review and modification processes, allowing adjustments based on changes in income or circumstances.
  • Texas Family Code § 154.181: This section outlines procedures for modifying child support orders when necessary.

These statutes offer clear guidelines, ensuring fairness and consistency in child support arrangements.

Understanding Your Case, Securing Your Rights

While these statutes provide a framework, each case is unique. We help you understand how these laws apply to your specific situation, ensuring your child receives the support they deserve. We also address additional concerns, like:

  • Past-due payments and enforcement measures
  • Medical and educational expenses
  • Modifications due to job loss or other changes

Child support matters can be emotionally charged. We go beyond calculations and legalese, offering compassionate support and clear communication throughout the process.

Contact Us Today: Safeguarding Your Child’s Future

Don’t let unmet child support obligations compromise your child’s well-being. Contact our team at Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, by calling 512-764-3932 or completing our online form to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team in Austin is here to stand by you and fight for your child’s financial security.