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What to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce can be difficult for anyone to go through, but choosing the wrong lawyer can make the situation worse. With the wrong lawyer on your side, you can potentially end up spending extra money and time that further complicates the problem. Therefore, you consider the following before you hire a divorce lawyer.


A family law attorney will have more experience with divorce proceedings and all that they entail than an attorney who has a different area of expertise or limited experience practicing law. A family law attorney who has experience with local judges may benefit you during the divorce process.

Reviews from Previous Clients

Checking reviews can reveal many aspects of the attorney. If there are repetitive reviews that reveal that an attorney is difficult to get ahold of, they might not prioritize communication with every client. Communication is essential to having a productive attorney-client relationship. Also, former clients may report that their lawyer made the process of divorce much easier or tacked on unnecessary fees. You can check reviews online, but most lawyers will be happy to provide you with client testimonials.


Few have unlimited financial resources, which is why it’s essential to consider a family law attorney’s fees. Some lawyers may charge hourly rates while others have a flat fee. Remember, however, that bottom-dollar pricing might indicate that an attorney is inexperienced. On the other hand, low prices could be indicative of taking on many clients, which means this attorney won’t be able to make proper time for you.


Any lawyer you hire should have a license to practice in your state. If a lawyer cannot provide this at your request, look for someone else.

Your Comfort Level

At the end of the day, you want to choose a family law attorney with whom you are comfortable with. Although not always the case, you may wind up working closely with the lawyer over the course of several months, during which you may be especially frustrated. You should feel respected, represented, and understood. During your initial consultation, you should be able to get a feel for the attorney. If you feel off about the situation, consider looking elsewhere.

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