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Why divorcing couples with high assets need specialized legal help

Couples with significant financial assets may decide to divorce. These assets were brought into the marriage by one spouse or both. This makes it necessary for a lawyer who is experienced with high-asset divorce to guide their client through the process. Once the divorce has been finalized, the former spouses may have possession of what is theirs. It also means that a spousal support agreement may have been negotiated.

Why a large number of assets complicates divorce

Couples with a large amount of assets need specialized attention during their divorce. Some couples may require the assistance of forensic accountants, who go through every single asset. They ensure that every piece of property is accounted for, so that both lawyers may be able to negotiate a fair distribution of the assets and property. Couples who brought their own assets into the marriage may want to ensure that they leave the marriage with those assets intact.

Legal tips for a high-asset divorce

Couples who have a large amount of assets may want to make careful decisions as they move through their divorce. Whether they brought financial assets into the marriage or not, they will want to be sure they leave the marriage with what is theirs.

Once they have made the decision to divorce, high-asset couples need lawyers of their own. They will help the couple to divide properties, stocks, bonds and retirement accounts fairly.

Lawyers skilled in high-asset divorce should be able to locate every asset that was either brought into the marriage or acquired in the marriage.

Finally, both lawyers should ensure that court filings are kept confidential.

Spousal maintenance

One spouse may have earned less than the other spouse while they were married. They may need to request temporary spousal maintenance payments until they are able to get on their feet financially.