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Social media could help, or hurt, your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Divorce |

If you are getting a divorce in Texas, one of the first things that you may consider is shutting down your social media pages. Social media pages, like those on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms, contain much information about your life and what you’re doing. They’re not very secure, and there is a potential that the people around you may tag you or add links to posts or information that you don’t want your estranged spouse to see.

Social media can be damaging in a divorce because it gives the other party a way to see what you’re doing now and to research things you may have done in the past. It’s in your best interests to limit the other party from seeing any of your social media. Disabling your accounts, at least during your divorce, is one of the best ways to lock them down.

You may find valuable information on your spouse’s social media 

Sometimes, social media can be helpful during a divorce. For example, if you search your estranged spouse’s account and find that they bragged about spending money out of a shared account to make sure you couldn’t get it, then you may be able to use that post to ask for a fair share of that money during the divorce.

Images of your spouse partying or drinking heavily might help you in a custody case. If they’re saying they need spousal support, but you see them buy a new vehicle, then that information may help you argue against making payments.

Social media can be positive or negative in a divorce. For your own protection, it’s smart to lock down your accounts. However, searching your spouse’s accounts could be helpful for your case.