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Making e-learning and parenting time work

Children have various options for going through school. One that’s become increasingly popular is e-learning. Some children have this as their primary method, but some schools use it as a supplemental tool for when having the kids in the building isn’t possible. 

While e-learning can help to ensure that children don’t miss too much school because of natural disasters and other events, it can cause challenges for parents. Teens might not need much supervision when they’re home on virtual learning days, but younger children will need someone to watch them. For parents who are divorced, this can lead to a rather complicated situation. 

Adjusting the parenting time schedule

There might be times when adjusting the parenting time schedule is the best option. It’s usually better if the child can have a parent watching over them while they’re in e-school. This enables the child to have more time with that parent. It will work if one of the adults is able to work from home or take the day off. 

When it’s not possible for a parent to stay home with the child, both parents should work together to ensure the child has a safe place for learning. This may mean having a babysitter. In some cases, the child might be able to spend time with other family members. Just be sure whoever has the children knows they must attend their e-learning classes.

Making sure that you have education matters covered in the parenting plan makes it easier for everyone involved to do their part in making sure the child gets the support they need. This plan should also include any other points that can help the children to thrive.