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In Divorce, What Happens To My Business?

While divorce is always trying, divorcing business owners can face especially complicated challenges. For over 30 years, Benouis Law Ltd., LLP, has helped divorcing families throughout Texas divide complex assets. Understandably, business owners tend to be anxious about what will happen to their companies. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side is the best way to protect yourself and your business moving forward.

Is My Spouse Entitled To A Piece Of The Business?

Texas is a community property state. This means that any and all assets acquired during the marriage are subject to division. Regardless of whether you started your business before or after the marriage, your spouse may still have a claim in it. That being said, there are ways to ensure that your business remains intact during the asset division process.

You may choose to prioritize the business and offer your spouse other assets to offset the business’s value. If you and your spouse jointly own a company, one may choose to buy the other out. It’s also possible, in certain situations, for you to end your marriage but continue running your business together.

Whether you are able to amicably agree about the business’s future, or you must take the matter to court, attorney Catherine Benouis will represent your best interests from beginning to end. As a business owner herself, she understands the importance of protecting your business’s long-term financial success.

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